Monday, February 26, 2007

Good news!

I am published in the new Take Ten magazine, (!!!) not my original stamps since I haven’t submitted anything with them (insert sad face) although I am frantically trying to make some stuff to submit today (insert happy face) so we’ll see how it goes! It was exciting news anyway…

I am such a dork I thought my husband had purchased a subscription to the mag for me until I read on the cover “artist comp”…can you say “frame it”! Oh well, I guess there’s an upside to not being able to remember like I used to…

Anyway, the cards are cute and made using Cat's Pajamas stamps, so I am still excited as heck!

I got another BIG thrill today when I noticed that one of the DD had posted a card using my Let's Go for a Walk set! I can not believe how these things make me happy! Yeah genie1314! You can check out her blog at:!

Can the day get any better???

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