Thursday, March 15, 2007

So today's message is: Thank God for good husbands! This morning I was beginning to panic after my manufacturer and I had crossed signals which resulted in me ending up with TONS more inventory than I had planned for, or budgeted, or quite frankly could afford, when my dearest hubby was the voice of reason and encouragement! He very calmy asked how long I had been doing this, how many states our products were now available in, and congratulated me on a having such a wonderful, growing company. He's right, I have now (almost) stopped least for today...and am back to just being grateful. I sat down and made a card for a fellow SCSr's son who will be having surgery soon, and that put me in a much better mindset. It always helps to kind of take a step back and do something to make someone else's day, even if it's just a card. Especially a HANDMADE card!

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alma said...

Don't worry about the excess in inventory. They will sell. (Who can resist the headless women?) When you get a wholesale order for 200 of each set you'll be praising the stamp guy for his foresight.