Thursday, April 19, 2007

I've been tagged!!!! How cool! Let's see...I can only list 5 huh? Well, let's see... there's mytime, I got a chance to meet the Meader's at HOB in Orlando recently, what a wonderful family! And of course who doesn't love the Dino-Mite bday set she created for this months DD gallery. Then there's, flaxychick on SCS and newest DD member! Congrats! I can't forget my stamping Goddess, Julie, at, then Ellen at, and I've gotta say #5 is a toss up between about 4 people! So, not last and certainly not least I would list if for no other reason than I have looked at this blog probably 100 times this week drooling over her tri-fold card made with the Time for the Bubbly set! You have to seriously check it out...but have tissues handy I tell ya!

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Jeanne Streiff said...

You're too funny Kim!!!