Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So my "home office" aka loft is undergoing a major transition this week! I have quickly run out of my half of the room and encroached on my hubby's half to the point where it slightly resembles an 1/8th so it's time for an emergency extreme makeover mft edition! First up was removing a bakers rack I was using as storage and installing a silver peg board wall where ALL of my sets could hang in delightful glee instead of being crammed sardine style into bins. Next up was to declutter my way too small desk (yes, this is the after picture, stop laughing) and tomight we begin the transformation from ordinary closet to package processing central! Pics will follow! When we have completed everything we are doing in phase one I will show you before pics of just how much (or little depending on how you look at it) room we had cornered ourselves into!

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Sarah Spencer said...

Ohhhhh thats a way cool stamp room