Thursday, May 3, 2007

Clip it up! I received my Clip It Up yesterday and took some time to get all of my stamps organized! How cool! All of my clear sets are now at my fingertips on a rotating base! I am considering carrying them in the store, and would appreciate feedback/interest. The bottom base retails for $60 and the upper retails for $35 (approx). This picture holds both, they also come with envelopes, none of which are featured in this pic since I am displaying stamps only. Pretty cool huh?


Anonymous said...

OMG! I think its awesome!!! I would get one. Id have to look at my mini stamp space and make sure it would accomodate it, but its WAY cool!!!

Jeanne S said...

I almost bought that spinner a couple weeks ago! I was thinking it would be perfect for buttons, brads and other goodies. Are you going to talk me into this too?

em-giovanni said...

That is too cool! I don't have many unmounteds yet, but I can see that being really handy as I collect more!