Friday, March 9, 2007

Mile a minute

My brain is feeling a bit fried heading into this w/e but the calendar is cleared..woohoo!...for the first time in months! hubby has to build a display for me to bring to MA, I have a horse that might not recognize me and a house that begs to have half of its contents removed and donated.

On the work side, I am nervous that I won't have enough inventory to appease the wholesale orders from the trade show but can't afford to go too crazy beefing up stock since I don't know which sets which be best sellers and am working with my Illustrator trying to create new stuff for bdays, mini sets, fall, and Halloween. Not ever having made a fall or Halloween card, and wanting to bring something different to the market place, I am having a harder time tapping in to that creative flow, but I trust it will come!

The new sets are shipping to me today so they will be in stock next week, so it will be nice to ship out all the pre-orders and bring those sets to the lss's as well! I am teaching a class next w/e using them, so I hope they arrive in time!!! Today though, I am off to get my hair done, which is always a treat and for one day every 10 weeks or so my hair belongs on the cover of Cosmo!

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